The Last Leg of the Journey

Hola Amigos!

This post is actually really hard to write. It’s the final post of my blogging adventure. I know. I just grabbed a box of tissues too!

It’s been an honor being the voice of Limitless Colombia’s blog, but the real writers of these stories have been my friends at Liberty University in America. Read More


¡VAMOS COLOMBIA! Cheering on the Cafeteros


Shout it when you’re excited. Yell it as a greeting to any stranger on the street. But most of all, scream it at the top of your lungs when cheering for the Colombian national fútbol team! (Or soccer for my American friends.) Read More

Telenovelas: Escape Portals


I usually share with you stories that take you out into the world of Colombia. Whether that is giving you a tour of Medellín or introducing you to Zumba in a whole new way, most of our adventures are out in the wild!

But just like anyone, some days the only adventure I need is the kind that I can have in my own living room. Sometimes the best escape is through the television, and telenovelas are the perfect portal into another world! Read More

Medellín: The “City of Eternal Spring” and home to Colombia Moda!


I have a confession. I love Bogotá; it’s an amazing city, and I’m proud to call it my hometown, but…it’s not my favorite place in Colombia. I’ll deny it to any of my fellow Bogotans, but that title belongs to the beautiful city of Medellín. Medellín is the second-largest city in Colombia with almost 2.5 million residents. It’s nestled between the Andes Mountains in the Aburra Valley along the Medellín River.  Read More

La Guajira, Colombia: Drought Reveals Systematic Problems

Hola amigos!


If you’ve gotten to know me a little better in the past weeks, you know I’m all about adventure and fun exploration! However, I believe that adventure without purpose is meaningless. 

One of my top destinations in Colombia is La Guajira region. This unique and extremely rare kind of paradise has been called by CNN, “Colombia’s great unknown Caribbean’s desert.”The truth is, only in La Guajira, desert dunes tumble straight down into the Caribbean!

La Guajira is also the land of the vibrant Wayuu community. Unfortunately, they have struggled for their own existence for years due to the harsh environment of the desert (ideal for tourists but not so much for the locals).

Since 2014, it has been reported by authorities that the Wayuu people have been suffering a humanitarian crisis that almost the whole world did not know about.

“The survival of the Wayuu, the largest indigenous community in Colombia, is under threat. Thousands of children have died and more lives are in danger as a result of the exploitation of land and misallocated water resources.” Source. 

This is why today I want to point you onto a great organization, Global Water Alliance, that has been focusing into bringing awareness to the problem and proposing a solution. In addition, the United Nations has already put into place an initiative to “trained 25 technicians in the maintenance and repair of wind mills and water wells.”Praise God!!

So next time I travel to La Guajira, I promise to bring you some insights on the beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and the Wayuu community, whom I hope inhabits the desert for many more years to come.

Sofía María García Gómez


Global Water Alliance

On the northern tip of Colombia, the La Guajira department (the Colombian equivalent of a state or province) is experiencing its third consecutive year of drought. This region of roughly 900,000 people— most of whom are indigenous minorities— has historically been very dry. But, the recent drought has brought to light deeply rooted institutional problems that have left the people of the region wholly unprepared for this crisis. GWA focuses on La Guajira first, to bring awareness to the problem, and second, in order to emphasize, yet again, that it is good governance that is the key to solving many water crises.

In the second year of the drought, in 2014, the Colombian Agriculture Institute estimated that 20,000 cattle had died in La Guajira as a result of water shortage. Official statistics report that over 400 children have died from malnutrition in the past three years, but the…

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A Fiesta on Wheels!

Hello mis amigos!!

Today is going to be so much fun! It is my best friend’s birthday and we’re totally gonna celebrate it Colombian style. If you think party buses are the exclusive property of North America, think again. Though we may not have invented the “party on wheels,” Colombians certainly have found an ingenious way to recycle traditional vehicles.

So today, I present to you… the Chiva rumbera!!!  Read More

Music is VIDA!


(singers, dancers or something like that)

There is something very important about me that you should all know: I LIVE for music! Music is what makes life exciting, it is always there for me and I would listen to it all day without stopping if I didn’t have to sleep! So today I have decided to share with you all the music of my life and hopefully I can make a few more Shakira fans!

The first thing that you should know about Colombian music is that it is PERFECT for dancing to and that you almost find yourself doing it naturally as you listen. Another important thing to know is that music is everywhere you go in Colombia. Whether it is to go shopping, eating, or even just strolling around town, you are surrounded by the vibrant tones. I like to refer to it as the spice of life that never stops moving!

I want to share with you all my top genres of traditional music and hopefully you see what I mean when I say that it is infectious!  Read More